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Offices for Rent in Malta

Planning to rent an office in Malta or Gozo? Thanks to our rental commercial property market the process of finding the perfect office to let is very simple. 

Search our selection of offices for rent on our commercial property market. Our ever-changing commercial real estate portfolio brings you closer to your ideal premises, irrelevant if you are just starting your business venture or is searching the market to invest in Malta real estate. 

Renting offices in Malta

Why choose to rent an office in Malta?

Choosing to rent an office in Malta or any other type of commercial real estate has many benefits. Although your business might be a start-up and you cannot afford to buy an office, like the big corporate companies, many foreign companies residing in Malta or Gozo prefer to rent commercial property. 

Although when letting commercial property in Malta like an office for rent means that you don’t have a fixed asset for your business to call home, it can be very beneficial for business expansion or relocation. Furthermore, renting commercial real estate is a cheaper alternative than, for instance, buying an office in Malta.    

Where to rent an office in Malta?

Where to rent an office on the Maltese islands?

In Malta, you can find commercial spaces pretty much anywhere you look, making it quite possible to find the perfect office block for sale or office space for rent in the locality of your choice. We, at Office Search, suggest to find an office for rent or to buy an office block for sale in an ideal locality close to your employees as this might be beneficial for their daily commute. Learn more about 4 ideal places to rent offices in Malta

St Julians, Sliema and Valletta offer the most value and are attractive areas to buy or rent an office, but they are also the most expensive in terms of Malta real estate. Furthermore, certain businesses can only operate in certain areas around Malta and Gozo, like maritime companies and law firms. 

How we can help you?

We, at Office Search, specialise in helping you select the best commercial offices for rent in Malta and Gozo, whether you are a new or established local or international business.

Furthermore, our Malta real estate letting agents are only a quick message away from assisting you with the highest level of service and insight into the local commercial real estate market. 

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