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Buying Offices in Malta

Deciding to buy an office in Malta? Starting a new business, relocating or purchasing Malta commercial real estate solely as a rental investment to let it out to other businesses (renting offices in Malta) is an important decision. 

There is no doubt that buying a commercial property in Malta such as an office for sale or buying a whole office block, as a local or foreign investor, on the commercial property market is a major expense. 

With the price of commercial property in Malta ever on the rise, there is no better investment than buying your own commercial property for sale in Malta. 

Why buy offices in Malta?

Types of offices for sale in Malta

Buying offices for sale in Malta all starts with one question: what type of business are you planning to conduct in it? There are plenty of commercial establishments related to offices on our commercial Malta property market, including office blocks, managed offices, office space and buildings. 

At Office Search, we have access to a wide range of competitive commercial properties, including world-class office premises for any type of corporate businesses in Malta and Gozo equipped with the latest fibre-optic connectivity, green office space, high-end set-ups which, and many more which are ideal for any international remote businesses operating in the financial, IT industries and any other industries. 

Browse through our commercial property market and locate your dream commercial Malta commercial property. 

Benefits of investing investing in an office in Malta

Benefits of investing investing in an office in Malta

When it comes to buying an office in Malta, there’s no question that purchasing an office for sale to start up your business or as a property investment is the best decision. In recent years, thanks to the local government’s strategy, the real estate industry experienced a massive increase in investment. 

In fact, Malta successfully attracts foreign investment and a majority of its economy focuses on industries like Information and Communication, Financial Services, Tourism, higher Education, Health and Manufacturing. Here are some advantages of why you should buy commercial property in Malta and invest in a thriving commercial industry: 

  • Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea under Sicily,
  • The locals speak fluent English and Italian,
  • Cost of living in localities around Malta and Gozo is affordable; and 
  • Government subsidies and real estate schemes for local and foreign commercial property investors.
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